Did anybody see our battles won and lost
Before we found the lines to cross
Did anybody hear the things we didn't mean
And the silences in between
You're waiting for a fall
You're always running from a storm
So when you feel alone

Look in my direction
When you think we've disappeared
Close your eyes and you will
see it you can feel it
The sky's about to clear

And no one else can see the side of me I show
When it's you and me alone
And no one else can hear the
things that you don't say
Things that I already know
Stop waiting for a fall
You can't keep running from the storm
So when you feel alone

(Repeat Chorus)
And no one understands the
things you do in me
Gives me strength to set them free
And no one else can know the
colour that you show
See your shadow slowly grow

I'll catch you if you fall
I'll give you shelter from it all
So when you feel alone

(Repeat Chorus)

找這張專輯找了好久 終於找到(但是貴死人了)
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  • Crowley
  • 他們的音樂真的很好 兩張專輯我都買了 很可惜解散了 我也超愛這首歌
  • Ruru
  • thanks

    thanks a lot
  • 不客氣!請享用。

    fleurr 於 2008/09/21 14:40 回覆